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Success for Pamela and her colleagues rests on their graduate training, personal business experience and long histories with The Center for Creative Leadership. They help leaders and their teams build their people and leadership skills. Tested strategies insure clear direction, build commitment and align capabilities and effort with organizational goals. 

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As coaches, Pamela and her network of coaches stand apart. They are among the select few who are trained, certified and contracted by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) to coach leaders. They provide coaching and training services for CCL and through their own practices. 
Emotional intelligence (EQ), aka people skills, has proven to outweigh IQ in achieving personal and work success. Unlike IQ, EQ (emotional intelligence) can be developed. How? In People Skills Handbook, Action Tips for Improving Emotional Intelligence 54 EQ competencies are presented along with proven action tips to develop them. Easy-to-understand and affordable, order this book here or Amazon.

People Skills coaching is available as is training for internal coaches.               

People Skills Handbook

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Director, Pamela Corbett, MA, LPA, BCC
After negotiating settlements with Philadelphia lawyers and supervising others doing the same, Pamela co-founded a veterinary hospital, worked in television and earned a Masters degree in clinical psychology and Masters Practitioner Certification in NeuroLinguistic Programming. Over the past 25 years she has helped individuals and teams sharpen their people and leadership skills.   

People Skills Handbook

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